Our Village known as North Village, Melarcode (Palakkad District) is located about 25 kilometres from Palakkad Town and surrounded by paddy fields and greeneries. It is a tiny village free from hustles and bustles of urban life. There are about 25 houses in this village inhibited purely by the Brahmin families, the forefathers of whom are said to be migrated from Tamil Nadu-Tirunelveli and Thakazhi several decades ago. The affairs of the village are managed by a Brahmana Samooham constituted by the villagers for the purpose. The co-operation of the villagers is noteworthy and because of the same the affairs of the village are carried on smoothly. The Samooham has provided piped water supply to the residents of the agraharam and also a community hall for conducting marriages and other functions. A Very big tank belonging to the Samooham is available at the outskirt of the village and it serves the whole inhabitants in and around the area as this is the only tank in the area where water would be available during summer. The village is connected with motorable road from Palakkad through which buses are plying.

Many of the families of this village were owners of substantial acreage of lands but consequent on the implementation of the Land Reforms Act in Kerala, many of them were deprived of the possession of these lands and thereby they had to seek alternative source of income of their livelihood and this forced some of them to leave the village. But their interest and co-operation in the village affairs are still maintained by them as before as evident from their active participation in the festivals of the village, etc. The residents of this village are highly religious minded and God fearing from time immemorial and the forefathers were proficient in chanting Vedas in general, Rudram, Chamagam,etc. and were paying special attention to this subject. They were also service minded people and earmarking funds for providing amenities to the general public in the area, one such item being Thaneer Pandal, where butter milk,panakam, etc. were being supplied to the public in the summer season. Meals were also being supplied both in the morning and night for those Brahmin who came to this village from agraharam nearby, from out of the funds donated by a Philanthropist of this village. Similarly for the Lord Mahaganapathy Temple in the village, they had donated huge amounts for improvements/additional structures to the temple, ornaments to the Diety, etc. One Utsava Vigraham made of Panchaloha and the required funds for the Neivedyams, etc. were donated by another devotee. They have conducted Yagas in the village and the distinction of conducting the first Athirudram in the Temmalappuram sector goes to the families settled in our village.

The effects of all these kainkaryams (acts) are now being reflected on the present generation by way of blessings of the Lord Mahaganapathy, enabling them to lead a peaceful and prosperous life and full success in all their attempts.

The following illustrations will also throw some light as to how our forefathers were very generous in respect of the village/temple affairs. The Brahmana Samooham/Temple had many landed properties paddy fields which were under the tenancy system and the revenue derived from them were being utilised for the maintenance and other running expenditure of the temple. Consequent to the implementation of the Land Reforms Act by the Kerala Government, the tenants became the owners of these lands with the result we were deprived of the revenues we were getting from the land apart from the paddy requirements of the temple for daily Neivadyam, salary to the Archagar, etc. One such tenant was however a philanthropist of our village itself and he made a gesture of handing over back the entire lands of the temple/samooham held by him under the tenancy system and only because of this the paddy requirements of the temple are now met without any dislocation.

Consequent on the loss of the revenue referred to above, there were dearths of funds to meet the other expenditure of the temple such as fuel, oil for the lamps, service charges, etc. The moment this was put forth before the villagers, all of them joined hands and immediately donated very liberally to create funds and also proposed that we could from a Trust and create further funds and the interest accrued thereon could be earmarked for meeting these items for expenditure. The off-shot of this proposal is the formation of the ‘North Melarcode Mahaganapathy Pooja Trust’ which has also since been registered and this is managed by a Board of Trustees elected from among the villagers. Apart from the initial donations made by the villagers, a noble ‘Nakshatra Archana Scheme’ has been introduced and for those who donate Rs.251/- under the scheme, archana to the Lord will be performed every year on the birthday of the Donor and the prasadams sent to him/her immediately. This scheme is working quite satisfactorily with the blessings of the Lord. To augment of funds, the devotees of this village residing in Mumbai also gave a helping hand by transferring to this Trust the funds (Rs.12000/-) created by them in the past in the name of Ganesh Samaj. It may not be out of place of highlight here that the Co-operation of the members of the village is the back bone for the smooth functioning of the village/temple affairs, apart from, of course, the blessings of LORD MAHAGANAPATHY.