On the Western End of the North Village Melarcode Agraharam stands a small picturesque Temple with the Presiding Deity being Lord Mahaganapathy.

The unique design of the Idol is that the Thumbhikkai (Trunk) of the Lord runs towards the left side as against the right side usually seen in other Temples. This Temple is more than 400 years old. The present Idol made of Stone is said to be the third, the former two having been immersed in the Palasam Kulam (Tank) belonging to the Village. From the very inception of the Temple till date, the Poojas are performed regularly in strict accordance with the Agama Sasthra by Purohits from a singular lineage.

The Garbhagruham is made of Stone all around and this is surrounded by the Prakarams. Abutting the temple is the Agraharam with two rows of houses. The design and setup of the Idol is so attractive that a devotee praying in front of the Lord seemingly always goes back with full content and as narrated by many devotees, achieves the object he / she prayed for.

Though we pray to Him as Lord Mahaganapathy, it has been revealed by the astrologer that He is also in the form of Lakshmi Ganapathy and that therefore Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth is also with him. It is only with this background the Villagers, though few in number, are and have always been able to conduct the Festivals associated with the Temple in a very fitting manner, all the required resources presumably being poured in by Himself in the form of liberal contributions by the Devotees.

In conclusion, it has to be taken that the Lord Mahaganapathy in North Village Melarcode is the Vedic Supreme Deity and with His Worship that is being accepted by thousands from far and near, all who remember Him in Worship are sure to get success.

(Reproduced from the 1992 Maha Kumbhabhishekam Souvenir Release on 08-05-1992)